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One of the best cracked minecraft server networks. DRC Network has an active forum and community full of Dutch (Nederlandse) and English players. DRC stands for Dutch Rasta Craft which was the previous name of DRC. Our IP is drc.ms ( DutchRastaCraft best Minecraft server minigames survival skyblock skywars pvp kitpvp survivalgames hungergames creative factions rasta )

Hey there Players!

We would like to congratulate @Ybieee on passing all tests, as of right now he is an official server moderator.
This means that we are out of test-moderators and that we have no-one to bring us a nice cup of coffee. If you feel like taking on that job, make sure to apply

Congrats again!
Hello DRC players,

Today, Jelle made us upgrade to the minecraft 1.11 version.
You guys know how this will go:

1. As of right now, there are no plans for any resets. There have been no changes, and changes will not be planned yet. So there is no need for profileposts asking when it will happen and what exactly is getting reset and what not
2. Every malfunction in any plugin, that you do not report, but abuse will result in a ban that will be no shorter than 1 month.

Next to that, we have accepted @Ybieee as our Test-mod. He will be trained and coached by our beloved @Reynout123
We all wish him the best of luck and hope to see some growth in his skills

We will keep you guys updated about our future plans, as soon as we have made them.
On behalf of the full staff team:
Howdy players,

Today, when restarting the server to do some config and difficulty changes, the skyblock decided that it didn't want to be 1.10 anymore, and updated itself to 1.11
Because of this, the server will be offline for a little while. Doing my best to fix this as soon as possible

Sorry guys and girls!

Update 20/11/2016 17:13 GMT+1: Change of plans, the big bird wants to change some other facts.
Update 20/11/2016 18:22 GMT+1: Due to big bird you are unable to join the server. Please be patient. (Don't start the #BlameJelle profile war pl0x)