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DRC-Credit packs for everyone's budget.

More info
Network updates

Our network is always updated as soon as possible to the latest version of minecraft. Supported minecraft versions: 1.8 and above.

Premium hardware

We use premium hardware to host our servers. Located at Hamburg, Germany.

Main command

The most important commands you need are added on one handy-menu. Just /DRC

Protected network

Our network is protected against DDoS, spam and other malicious hacks.


You'll previously get informed on our website at announcements if there will be downtime because of maintenance or updates.

Clean network

Our server stands for simplicity and decency by means of simple configuration and clean chat. Furthermore, our site is highly responsive and member-loving by almost no ads.


Only 30% of our plugins are custom plugins. 70% comes directly from spigot and are only from known authors or premium plugins.

Terms of Service

We have this to guarantee the protection of our users and the 4Creation services from the dangers on the internet. View it right here: terms_of_service


We use a global currency (DRC-Credits) on the network. These to give our players the ability to decide when and on what they dispense these Credits.


We try to meet the requirements of our players by giving them a big choice between various game modes. You will certainly not get bored.

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