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One of the best cracked minecraft server networks. DRC Network has an active forum and community full of Dutch (Nederlandse) and English players. DRC stands for Dutch Rasta Craft which was the previous name of DRC. Our IP is drc.ms ( DutchRastaCraft best Minecraft server minigames survival skyblock skywars pvp kitpvp survivalgames hungergames creative factions rasta )

Hi DRCers

Due to a hardware issue of one of our servers, I had to take DRC offline.
The technicians at the datacenter are currently investigating this problem.
I'll keep you guys updated on this topic.

Edit1: Servers will be offline until at least 11 AM CET 27th of November.
Edit2: The technicians will take a look at the issue in 15 minutes.
Edit3: They've started the test hours ago, but it's going to take some time.
Edit4: Just called the support team. There is something seriously wrong and are looking into it. We might have to wait until monday.

Thank you for your patience.
Kind regards
Hi DRCers

Are you a good builder? Than the next post might be something for you.
DRC is looking for people who are willing to start and join the building team.
Of course you need to know some things before you are thinking to join. What are the minimum requirements?
- Fluent speaking of English.
- Working in a team.
- (Being able to work with worldedit. Not perfect but knowing the basics.) Not necessary but strongly recommend.
- And of course being able to build what we need at the time giving.
- Having or being able to create Skype.

Do you think you are fitting to do this? Contact me (@Nobody4life), @Xcnix and @JelleDRC in a conversation on the forum.
In this conversation you will include why you think you are perfect (in English) and some things YOU build on DRC or somewhere else.
Hi DRCers

This message is for everyone, whether you're playing DRC or you've quit long time ago.
I'm searching for things that you guys want to see in DRC or see changed in DRC.
This goes from new features to massive changes on how we do things or what we are doing wrong as a whole. 100% honesty and no discussions. Just your own opinion.

I'm not saying that this will change anything. I'm just asking for your opinion on the current state of DRC.
Kind regards

List of suggested items:
- Factions custom enchants.
- Double exp/money weekends on kitpvp.
- Make minigames more professional. Many bugs, most spawns are the same.
- Redesign the shop in skyblock.
- Take a look at our strange rules. Especially 11 and 16.
- Server seems to be pay to win. We need to fix that.
- Fix parcours on survivalgames and hide and seek.
- More donator features on hide and seek.
- Adding potions pvp to factions (?)
- Better anticheat (?)
- Survival world reset.
- Add more gamemodes/minigames
- A change of scenery, like seasonal changes to the servers.
- Replanting saplings in survival
- Automatically remove houses where the person hasn't been online for over 100 days.
- New kitpvp kits.
- Try to create a closer community.
- Adding more items to the admin shop.
- New hub
- Building contests, redstone contests, pvp contests, special staff for events only.
- Event server maybe?
- Open prison and Clay clash asap.
- Skyblock pvp arena
- Too much teleports in the survival pvp arena
- Update all servers to 1.9 asap when it comes out.
- Staff for building only.
- New spawn for survival or an even bigger shop?
- When SkyBlock is updated to 1.9 a SkyBlock reset
- Bigger creative plots
- More events in general!