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One of the best cracked minecraft server networks. DRC Network has an active forum and community full of Dutch (Nederlandse) and English players. DRC stands for Dutch Rasta Craft which was the previous name of DRC. Our IP is drc.ms ( DutchRastaCraft best Minecraft server minigames survival skyblock skywars pvp kitpvp survivalgames hungergames creative factions rasta )

Hi DRCers

I'm hereby publishing the Eggwars results and the reward.

The shared 7th place: 12 points
Team WildAnimal:
- Soccer: 4th place -> 5 points
- Space: 7th place -> 2 points
- Hell: 7th place -> 2 points
- Candy: 6th place -> 3 points
Team Unknown:
- Soccer: 6th place -> 3 points
- Space: 5th place -> 4 points
- Hell: 6th place -> 3 points
- Candy: 7th place -> 2 points

The 6th place: 13 points
Team HistoryAiroustaches:
- Soccer: 1st place -> 8 points
- Space: 6th place -> 3 points
- Hell: 8th place -> 1 point
- Candy: 8th place -> 1 point

The 5th place: 14 points
Team Future's Mr.King:
- Soccer: 8th place -> 1 point
- Space: 8th place -> 1 point
- Hell: 2nd place -> 7 points
- Candy: 4th place -> 5 points

The 4th place: 18 points
Team Germany:
- Soccer: 7th place - > 2 points
- Space: 3rd place -> 6 points
- Hell: 3rd place -> 6 points
- Candy: 5th place -> 4 points

The winners: 25 points
Team Knight's vow:
- Soccer: 2nd place -> 7 points
- Space: 4th place -> 5 points
- Hell: 4th place -> 5 points
- Candy: 1st place -> 8 points

The winners: 25 points
Team Sample text:
- Soccer: 5th place -> 4 points
- Space: 2nd place -> 7 points
- Hell: 1st place -> 8 points
- Candy: 3rd place -> 6 points

The winners: 25 points
Team Error 404:
- Soccer: 3rd place -> 6 points
- Space: 1st place -> 8 points
- Hell: 5th place -> 4 points
- Candy: 2nd place -> 7 points

@Ybieee, @LegendaryBurrun and @hallo_doei, @David/555shadow , @Farrelm and @martijn van dijk , @ADEdge , @Dracindo and @Luna_Elena will receive a €5 coupon in the shop! Congratulations!

Rey's job is done! Everyone got their price! Have fun and thanks for...
Dear DRC'ers

Today I have a few things to announce. Let's start with the Staffchanges.
- As of today 8th of January 2017 @LevyBoyke and @Maite are no longer part of our staffteam.. It's sad to see them go but we needed active blood.. Take care guys and thanks for everything you guys did! ^^
- As of today 8th of January 2017 @LegendaryBurrun is now a Test-Moderator aka Coffee guy!
Good luck and have fun with the bootcamp!

You were all waiting for this moment and we put a ton of work in this. We did a big update to Prison today!

- Changed the color of Chief from "Chief" to "Chief"
- Added 2 Ranks called "Murderer" (100K) and "Terrorist" (200K) (They will get their own cell block when it's ready @Joey / JPCore
- Added 2 new mines for those 2 ranks (NetherQuartzMine and GlowstoneMine)
- Changed the place of WoodLog mine to where the pvp arena was. This because it's closer to spawn and easier to access for beginners.
- Removed the first pvp stroke. Because people were complaining about the fact scammers got killed ez pz in the very beginning. (@Joey / JPCore knows what to do with the grass pit :) )
- The names of the mines got changed as well. They now have the name of the rank which got access to the mine.
- Added no chat cooldown for Donators starting from Baron.
- Added Votes (Will be there after restart tonight! Thanks @JelleDRC )
- Added command /money pay <player> <amount> because of @hallo_doei :') (Thanks @JelleDRC )
- Added a repair sign for non donators for the price of $500

- Did a lot of shop changes combined in the spoiler.
  • Changed buy amount of glass from 64 to...
Dear DRC'ers

Since so many people ask me why they can't join Prison.
We are currently updating Prison. Remember the post where I said we would do monthly updates? Well today is a day for it :)
So please be patience. We will keep you guys up to date.


11:45am CET: Start of update
11:50am CET: Old PvP Arena removed
11:55am CET: Posted this post :')
12:10am CET: Reading every suggestion topic about prison and see what to add and what not.
1:00pm CET: Configured the database for /money pay <name>. Having issues with it being synchronised with /bal.
1:19pm CET: Server crashed for the first time :') No Data lost. No worry :)
2:15pm CET: Asked the help of Jelle for db problem. We couldn't find a solution yet.
2:32pm CET: Back on track.
3:00pm CET: Doing something else then db because fucked up :')
3:15pm CET: Changing holograms + adding certain mines
3:30pm CET: Removed first pvp zone + added other pvp to certain mines + Changed price of Chief rank + Changed color of Chief to Chief

4:00pm CET: Took a small game break with @LegendaryBurrun (He sucks at Rocket League)
4:30pm CET: Started again. Changing some shop stuff (as suggested)
6:30pm CET: Updated some suggestion topics with what I added and what I didn't or delayed.
7:10pm CET: Trying to fix votes.
7.20pm CET: Dinner break
8:00pm CET: Back again
8:15pm CET: Votes fixed after restart of bungee.
8:30pm CET: Fixed database issues of /money pay plugin
8:40pm CET: Going to check if there are still bugs to be fixed.
9:00pm CET: Other stuff done
9:22pm CET: Fixing my own plugin
10:35pm CET: Something got between me writing my plugin. I'll release prison after my small checkups but without my plugin. This will come very soon! :)

If you have any suggestion please post it on this post :)
Thanks in advance!...