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One of the best cracked minecraft server networks. DRC Network has an active forum and community full of Dutch (Nederlandse) and English players. DRC stands for Dutch Rasta Craft which was the previous name of DRC. Our IP is drc.ms ( DutchRastaCraft best Minecraft server minigames survival skyblock skywars pvp kitpvp survivalgames hungergames creative factions rasta )

Dear DRC'ers,

So we did a small update once again.
This is what changed today.

- Added the disagree button. But only in the suggestion sub-forum. (Don't overuse this. This can lead into punishments/warnings)

- Changed the Server rules (Click here). Read these really carefully because some were changed and some got deleted. If you have any questions about any of the rules, make a conversation with @Anesitas, @Xcnix and myself.

- Added a topic where you can find all the Forum Rank trophies things. (Click here).
If you have any good names for more throphies feel free to send them to me via conversation.

- Added a page where you can see who is in what team. (Click here) (You can access it by clicking the "Teams" button in the navigation bar. (Thanks @xXDitgerXx for making it)

- Fixed Color sign bug in Prison

- Increased the Beacon limit in Skyblock from 5 to 6.

Beside this small update, we would like to ask your opinion.
Do you guys want a new Survival Rank or not? And should it be cheaper than Ultimate or more expensive?
Let us know in the poll added to this topic. (The poll is open till next week)

Have a nice day/weekend!

And see you guys ingame!

Kind regards
DRCNetwork Team
As some of you already found out, there is no border set in the Nether.
This is simply the case because we forgot to set it. I will set a border with a range
of 12500 on wednesday evening. So get your items out of there before this time otherwise you will
loose them. Delete claims beyond 12500 as well.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

EDIT: Border set

Topic closed
Dear DRC friends,

4 weeks ago I made the decision to stop with Minecraft and with DRC. 4 weeks and 1 minute ago I did not believe that moment would ever come.

After 4 ½ years I have to say goodbye! Not because I am fed up with being part of the community, not because I am unsatisfied about DRC, not because I want to. Sometimes one has to do things that are needed to make a change even if they are tough. Now one of those decisions has come for me.

DRC has changed my life and I don’t regret a single part of it. I learned a lot (remember, you are never too old to learn) and I have enjoyed the many transitions DRC went through. I most of all enjoyed seeing @JelleDRC grow up from a smart boy to an even smarter young adult. It often felt as a third son! “Jelle, het was jouw feestje”.

I have full confidence in the new owners, so I have no doubt that DRC will be going strong for many more years.

I am not going to tag all people that are and have been special to me over the whole period. You all know that I liked you all. The people that are very special to me know that anyway.

You may all forget me in a while, but I hope I have contributed just a tiny bit in making your life better. Keep on doing that for others!

I will miss you all!