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One of the best cracked minecraft server networks. DRC Network has an active forum and community full of Dutch (Nederlandse) and English players. DRC stands for Dutch Rasta Craft which was the previous name of DRC. Our IP is drc.ms ( DutchRastaCraft best Minecraft server minigames survival skyblock skywars pvp kitpvp survivalgames hungergames creative factions rasta )

Dear DRC'ers

This is a quick message to tell some things:

- the end has been disabled till I am home again. If we found out you did go to the end by any way, we will punish you. Keep it fair
- the worldborder isnt set up YET. So keep inside a radius of 10000 from the spawn point. If you were already building past that point we wont reimburse stuff once we got the worldborder set up.
- PlayerShop flags will be fixed tonight

I promise you I won't go to sleep before every bug in survival is fixed! So I suggest keeping an eye on this topic because I will turn the fixed bugs in green(in the following list).
Thanks for reporting and if you find any new ones, be so kind to report them down below!
Known bugs
  1. The end is not working yet. Ok maybe not a real bug.
  2. When going to the Nether it will reset ur inventory. When go back to survival give back ur survival inventory.
  3. The /warp foodspawner is claimed by admin so you can not kill the animals
  4. The /randomregion not working from spawn area
  5. The playershops allow to rent but building is not working
  6. claimblocks of @hijden
  7. Warp pvp having a bug
  8. Problem with teleportation to @minbboydespite him being without vanish or teleportation enabled
  9. Fixing DRCAddons
  10. Fixing PlugMan
  11. Server restarting randomly
  12. Server not saving correctly.
  13. Mobarena kicks you out too soon. Bounderies of mobarena may be the issue
  14. Worldborder

Dear DRC'ers,

Survival Reset is finally done!
It took longer then we excepted due to deleting files of Essentials. (60K+ files)
So we did a ton of things:

- We changed the look of the spawn. (Thanks @GuidoVI, @Ecnelis21 @mrtops1007
- We added a new shop building (Thanks @svenssonsaab)
- We gave the playershops a new place (Thanks @koolmees71, @drdoct, @hijden )
- We got a new MobArena (Thanks @Ybieee and @LegendaryBurrun
- We reset the bans but not the history.
- We reset all worlds (Nether, End and overworld)
- We got a nether spawn and End spawn (@Ecnelis21 @GuidoVI )
- Right now all players can rent Playershops but VIP+ can rent better ones then members can ofcourse.
- You can now buy a mobspawner in the online shop for 7,50€. If you bought one you have to ask to change it. If we find out you abuse the fact it is a pig spawner you'll end up being banned.
- We got have an elytra minigame at spawn :) You can access it with /warp elytra (Thanks @rebeeccc)
- We deleted useless warps :')
- We reset the economy
- The shop now have less items in it to make it a real survival experience
- The difficulty is now set to a higher level (Max level)
- Thanks to an own plugin the /list is now back like it was years ago (With the order)
- Fly is disabled in the End.
- We hava a ton added. But more later!
- We added an late easter sale to celebrate the reset as well :) 20% of fun Enjoy :) (last until 11th of may :)
- every bug/problem/complain needs to be reported. We Will take a look at it as soon as possible :)
Have fun now!
If you want to have your donated money back and claimblocks and skulls make a conversation with @Xcnix @Anesitas and me to regain them.

To end this. A huge thanks to EVERYONE who got involved in this project!
Dear DRC'ers

I am here to confirm the reset is taking place tomorrow (Saturday the 6th of May) at 3P.M CEST.
I am also here to give you more spoilers ;)

YES we editted the spawn in some way.
YES we will have fly disabled in the end (For now it's set forever unless we decide to enable it back after 1 week or 2, go suggest it ;) )
YES things broke while we were working on it, but we fixed it ;)
YES we changed the Staff room
YES we did a lot of work.
YES the server will be down tomorrow ;)
YES.. We are hyped as well
YES there a some new things you still didn't get from me ;)
YES there will be (If I can figure it out :') ) a download for this map :)

We hope survival won't be down for that long. (+- 3 hours) worst case 5hours. But there are some peeps in the staff willing to help finishing :) (@drdoct, @hijden, @Ybieee, @Panzerwaffen , (I think) @minbboy and @LegendaryBurrun )
so no prob guys this can be a quick reset ;)

Have fun today and see you'all tomorrow :D
Click here for a countdown

DRC Staff Team