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Hello DRC players,

As you may have noticed, the staff team is not that active on the server right now (exept for the supports. They are really active). Some staff members are really buzy with school at the moment. Ofcourse school and real life events have a higher priority for a staff member then the server (we hope that everyone understands that). Sadly, the inactivity will go on for a bit longer, I'm afraid.

The owner who's really buzy with the server at the moment (@samyratchet ) is in the middle of the exam period. He needs to fully concentrate on that, since this period is what he has worked for the last few years in school. His exams will be finished at the end of january. Since he feels really bad (because Samy can't work on the server right now) he promised a "back-on-track" period in february. This basicly means that Samy is gonna concentrate fully on DRC, and that will bring alot of (hopefully good) updates to the server.

School is also the main reason I (ClockWound) am not much online on the server right now. This semester is possibly the most important semester of my entire study. Alot of the time I'm basicly to buzy with school to be online on the server. This does not mean I'm not online at all. On discord you can always message me, because most of the time I'm studying on my PC (and so I get notified when I get a message). I also check the forums twice or thrice a day. I'm also the only forum guard currently. This means, when you try to communicate with staff via forum, you are (almost all the time) gonna get a message from me. If you have a problem with that, or just don't prefer me to answer to your post, I can respect that. In that case, please tell in your post the specific person you want...
Dear DRC players,

The servers will be in maintenance mode in a couple of minutes for some changes and features that needs multiple restarts.

  • Duration: until 08:00 pm +- CET, UTC +1
  • Servers effected: The whole network
  • Changes/Adds: These changes are related to the vote/store system, global announcements and the main/premium currencies. Adds are new features that needs tests like a friend and party system and teleporter that allowed you to teleport without going through the lobby(hub). And the last preparations for an event named "The search of DutchRastaCraft"). Detailed information about this changes/adds later.
Dear DRC-Players,

Today we are going to have a chat about the following:
1. New owner? what happened to the old once
2. where is EggWars?
3. what is next in the planning?

New owner? what happened to the old once
As some of you already know is that I (Daphne) have been promoted to Owner,
the reason is as following :
The old owners (Samy + Scorpiddd) are inactive and wanted to leave for a while. But fear not they are still on drc (from time to time) but this time they have the tag CEO.

What does this mean for DRC?
This doesnt change the fact that drc will be updated, as i already did most of the things,
Any questions about drc feel free to ask me.

Where is eggwars?
As the title says Eggwars, Well here it comes:
Later this day we are going to release Eggwars, (This can be a bit buggy from time to time , but it worked fine when we did a test run)

How to start :
- go to the lobby
- click on the enderpearl (Minigames)
- Click on the Egg (EggWars)
- When you are in the lobby type /EW join

(Take in note this is an newer version of the EggWars we had, somethings will be different and so on)

What is next in the planning?
Most players have already seen we are working around the clock to get all the old servers of DRC online,
In an earlier post we showed the list of all servers and there priority,
The following servers are next on the list:
- KitPvp (this is close to be done needs a few tweaks and so on)
- Skywars (This is an server you guys wanted)

Builder team
We are opening the BuilderTeam Applications, Just go to Staff --> staff applications and there you can apply (take in mind its the same as for support but we will change it at some point)
Wendy doc and i will look at everyone and we will post an update here,

Staff team changes
- Ybieee ( Has not been promoted to Moderator , Good Luck next time)
- jeffreyvanderendt A.K.A...