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Hello DRC players!

We are hereby proud to announce a new, upcoming, update. Since there were no ideas posted on the last anouncement (Out of the ashes..., https://drcnetwork.com/english/threads/out-of-the-ashes.16438/ ), we took matters in our own hands, and tried to deliver an awesome new update for you. But, as we stated in our last post, we also want to listen to the community. This (plus the reason to explain the new update) is the reason this post was created. If you have read this post, and want to give feedback, feel free to use the comment section. We (the staff team) read every single comment.

So what is this new update all about? Well, as you can tell by looking at the title of this announcement, we want to create the option for you to customize your appearence on the server, and we want to give people a goal/purpose to grind for something in DRC. Ofcourse, your appearance is always customizable using a skin, but as many of you know, not everyone is able to use a skin. And if you have a skin, you've hit the limit of your customization options. But that is about to change!

How? We are proud to announce a new feature we're busy implementing. We're still experimenting, but so far it has worked really well. We have implemented a customization plugin, which lets you (you guess it) customize your appearence. But not only can you customize your appearence, you can customize everything, including spawns, the hub and many more places.

These will be your customization options:


Particles are the first part of your (soon to be) customize options. The picture above is just one of the...
Hello DRC players,

In this anouncement/update we want to discuss a few things with you, the community.
There are a few different topics we want to talk about. At the end of reading this post you know how we want to place this "DRC-train" onto another rails, starting today.

First Anouncement:

2018. This was the year DRC was reborn. New owners, two sets of different staff teams, and over all, alot of chaos. We're not blind, and we know 2018 wasn't the best/most fun time te be a DRC member. Everything was unstable and unpredictable, and the server suffered because of this. Lately, I (@ClockWound) was in a call with @samyratchet and he called 2018 the "dark period" of DRC. But this is hopefully about to change.

2019, a fresh year. We hope to make 2019 an amazing year, atleast on the server. How? Because, from now on, we (the staff team) are not the main people who are gonna think about improvements on the server. No, we hope you, the DRC community are gonna fill in this position. This way, improvements are more "down to earth" and we hope to give the DRC server changes the community actually want. We're gonna start this off using this thread as idea pool. Every single serious idea posted down here is gonna be seriously discussed. Every single comment is gonna...
Heya DRC Players!

The most beautifull time of the year is almost there.
Most of you probably have some free days from school/work right now,
to spend (the hopefully white) christmas with loved ones and family. Amazing!

The DRC server hereby wishes you each and every one of you happy holidays!
2018 was the year the DRC server was reborn. 2019 is gonna be the year DRC is gonna
grow up to be one of the best servers out there.

Enjoy the presents under the christmas tree, the hot chocolate, the fireworks and the build of the most amazing snowman.

Enjoy the most beautifull time of the year (hopefully) together!
Merry christmas and a wonderfull new year!

Nothing but love from:

~The staff team