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Dear DRC'ers,

Because I spend a lot of time working on the minecraft servers that I did not have time to maintain the deticated server where all minecraft servers are hosted. This causes sometimes to crashes and buggs that are still not fixed. Because our priority is to maintain your sensitive information safe and fix buggs we need to take down DRCNetwork for +-3 hours.

  • The maintenance of DRCNetwork start at: 16/08/2018 03:00 (UTC +1)
  • DRCNetwork is offline for +- 3 hours

I hope you understand it, and we see you back when the maintenance is done ;)
Feel free to ask questions in this topic.

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#Recent: Maintenance is done, DRCNetwork is back online, have fun ;)
Dear DRC'ers,

About the survival:
Like the title says: Survival is open so what are you waiting, join and have fun ;)

For a rollback of your rank on survival use this link

Some updates:
Before starting to the next server, i need to do some important stuff:
  • Setup the vote sites / So you can vote for DRC-Credits
  • Ticket system / So you can make a ticket when staffmembers are not online
  • Configurations of the premium currency (DRC-Gold) on the network / Otherwise you can't buy a rank
  • Setup of the store on the website / Otherwise you can't buy DRC-Gold and get a rank or other features
  • Shedule the servers / So they restart automatical and clear memory
  • Back-end lookup / We need to update and increase security of the deticated server (for this we need to takedown the network for some days (is going the be announce when the time is there)
  • Staffwebsite / So the staffteam can do there job easily
  • Survival shops / They need a better price
  • Survival launchpads / Minevid is going to make a custom plugin that these pads is launch you above the mountains.
  • Advertising / We are going to put money in the community to make DRC great again.
  • And some other stuff
When these tasks are done, i am going to start on the next server, but i want to know wish one will be the next server.

So i made a poll vote for...
Dear DRC'ers,

11/08 Recent Update:
Update regarding the survival, Im almost finished with plugin configurations, and im gona do some perfections. In the meantime the staffteam can finish and redo the shop and prices, make rewards for the custom plugin mykillpoints. We are close.

Time to explain the situation:
Before the finish of the Survival server my PC was broken and i can't continue for 2+ weeks working on the servers.
(Yes i had a cheap pc as backup but when start working on it i was frustrated that i quit working on it :triumph:)

Now i'm on vacation and im working almost 80% of my time to finish the survival configurations and set up the PvP, Mob arena, Head menu, ranks, kits, spam protections, chat layout itc. Yes i was for 3 hours a builder today :joy:

The ETA of the survival:
I do not want to give false hope like before and therefore I chose not to stick a date for the release. I do know that it will not take more than 2 weeks. (maybe one week, who knows?)

Ranks of survival:
For the players that had a rank on the survival server, they can read the topic here
Fill the form and make a new topic on the survival forums.

@Daphnechan is leaving the staffteam, I want to thank her personally for the help she offers me, thanks to her it won't take years before the survival opens :heart:.

I see that when i was 2 weeks away the staffteam become inactive, thats why i take a part of the leading ship over and i want to see them all active again!!! (except the ones that are absence)
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