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Dear DRC’ers,

As most of you already know is that DRC is now part of the server called MC-4Creation.
They have there own servers and ranks. But as off lately the Admin group had been talking about this and we are willingly to make 2 networks into 1 whole called DRC.

What does this mean:
For MC-4Creation this means allot. All the server will be replaced with DRC and there will be no trace back of it. The ranks they had will be made into DRC ranks and the staff will be discussed with to OR make them staff on DRC or they are leaving.

What does this mean for DRC :
For DRC this means we will get 4 Brand (new) Servers .
Factions-Bending (This is Factions with a twist of Bending like in avatar. You have all the elements of bending and you have the server as Factions.)
Factions-Magic (Unlike Bending Magic is that you have a Wand to shoot magic out . The server is also Factions.)
SkyWorld (This is Brand New. Meaning the world will be split. Instead of 1 solid world the world is in a skyblock situation . Also you are able to fly with ships and shoot with canons against other player ships.)
Standard/Survival (Just a vanilla server like you play single player but then with your friends)

Why are we doing...
Dear DRC’ers,

Today we are going to tell you all about the they of donating and the commotion about it.
First of all, We have posted a topic called Shop information and saw in the replies you guys didn’t liked it . So the Team went in a call and we rethought about the situation .
we came up with the following:

We are going to make 2 currencies (The credits (other name of the dollar we all know) / and DRC -gold the replacing for the donation site)

- The DRC -Credits is the server currency (meaning if you go to /warp shop and buy something or sell something you get credits)
-The Credits will be the replacement of The Dollars we have stated above and there for no economic change is needed
-The credits will be a global currency meaning that you have just 2 wallets, one for the credits and one for the gold on the network.

DRC -Gold
-The DRC -Gold is something new and something we are loving to get in the game

What is the gold? : Gold is a new form of the Donation store, Instead of using Money to get the rank in a instant you can now use Money to get Gold.

How is it going to work:
You can ONLY buy Gold in the Donator store. The ranks you could buy will only be unlockable by using gold. (No worries the Gold will still work the same way as the donation site but now you have it ingame)

I have bought Gold what can I do with it now?:
As stated above Gold is the new Donator store. So everything we had in the store back in the days will now be in a Ingame store that requires...
Dear DRC'ers,

We want to wish you all a late but great Easter!