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Dear Players,

The server will have an maintenance in about 2 hours
17:00 Amsterdam Time zone (right now of this post its 14:58)

This Maintenance can be up to 3 hours so take time.


Staff Team

(Server status: 100% is done .Server is back online)
Hello DRC players.

Today we are proud to announce that we close on Opening Egg wars
Just as skyblock are all the donator ranks not refundable.

  • Eggwars (Almost done / Priority 1)
    Working on the kits right now.
After we uploaded Eggwars i will look on making Skywars here so you guys/girls can play that aswel.

To play : in the lobby go with the compass to Minigames --> then Eggwars (The Egg)

Any questions about the server ask @Daphnechan or @drdoct :grinning:

Edit : We fixed the kits. we are testing the maps then it should be close to finish. Bare in mind that we dont have donator ranks YET
I wanted to take a moment and announce that we have closed the application process for Staff Support. We chose 3 candidates:

@jeffreyvanderendt AKA MrDuck156

ClockWound was chosen early in the selection process and has already been promoted to Moderator. Also we want to congratulate @WendyFTW on promotion to Admin. She has been an admin in the past here as Wender and will be helping us with getting things in order.