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Hello DRC players.

Today we are proud to announce that we opened creative into its BETA phase.
Just as skyblock are all the donator ranks not refundable.

Total list what needs to be done:
  • Faction/Magic (Outdated / Priority 1)
Whole remake of the ranks, economy standalone and not global.
  • Faction/Bending (Outdated / Priority 1)
Whole remake of the ranks, economy standalone and not global.
  • Vanilla (Outdated / Priority 1)
This is the first server that is going to be updated to 1.13.1. Why the first server, because its a easiest server to update :yum
  • Skyblock (Beta)
  • Kitpvp (Work in progress)
  • Creative (Beta)
  • Prison (Outdated / not a priority)
  • Kingdom/Hero (Building up / not a priority)
  • Skyworld (samy is working on this however not a priority)

  • Lobby (Outdated / Priority 1)
  • Eggwars (outdated/ Priority 1)
  • Skywars (outdated/Priority 1)
  • BuildBattle(outdated/ not a priority)
  • CTF (outdated/not a priority)
  • Survivalgames (outdated/not a priority)
  • Hideandseek (outdated/Not a priority)
  • Slither(Needs to be made)
  • Unknown Server(outdated/ not a priority)

Any questions about the server ask @Daphnechan or @drdoct :grinning:
Everyone we are opening skyblock for testing. Hopefully everything will go as we plan and it will remain open with the islands. However there is a chance of having a problem and you losing your stuff. Just know that going in. We're doing what we can to ensure this isn't the case ever.

and join at will.
We have let go some of the staff due to inactivity. I want to wish them the best and hopefully see them online.

So after this news, of course if you go to staff forum you will see the new staff application. We are currently opening up applications for Support (test-mod). When you submit your application, only you and admin+ will be able to see the application. So don't get excited when you don't see any posts. You won't see them except your own.

Thank you.