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Dear DRCers,

I want to inform that the economy system is going to change to improve the gameplay. This to make the econom stable for each gamemode and that it wont effect between them. Also it makes the servers more adventure so you can't get everything on 1 week xD

  • Global DRC-Credits 》Local DRC-Credits
This means that the DRC-Credits is going to be local, this to prevent effect the economy between the servers.
  • Global DRC-Gold
The DRC-Gold the premium currency that you can only obtain by buying packages with real money stays global, meaning that it won't change what you have on switching between servers. This so you can spend these golds in ranks, powers and premium features on each server.
  • Vote rewards / Top voter / Lottery
The vote rewards (now: each vote you get 100 DRC-Credits) is going to be changed, meaning that you get an amount of DRC-Credits depends on the server gamemode.

The top 1 voter reward (now:
35 000 DRC-Credits) is going to be changed to the top 3 voters. The top 3 players get a reward depends on what place they stand and also the way you get the rewards. This will be changed by getting a top-voter ticket ingame. You get use that ticket to get your reward.

Lottery is going to be live, on each amount of votes, you get a lottery ticket, with this ticket you get your reward. (the same way how top-voter tickets works)

  • Store (shop) / buycraft
Like you have seen, we are still using the old donation store untill the new store is ready. The new store is going to sell DRC-Gold packages (premium currency). With these Gold you can buy ranks, powers and premium features ingame.

There is a discount...
Thanks to the supreme admin Daphnechan, the donation shop is operational. For now we will be taking paypal and paymentwall. The link at the top of the forum for the shop doesn't work at the moment (waiting on Samy) however the link below will take you to the shop. Also in game you can type /buy.

There is a 25% discount for a month to celebrate our grand reopening.


If you have not logged into the survival server and gotten your old drc rank back, you still need to make a topic in the survival section to receive this rank before purchasing any other ranks. You must do this to get your discount for the next rank instead of paying full price!

Daphnechan has started making changes to improve game play. Things like dying because you logged off when flying should be a thing of the past. Also many other little improvements. If you still have suggestions feel free to make them in the appropriate place.

If you have any problems feel free to let us know immediately.
Dear Players,

lately we have found that some players like to have stuff changed.

here will be a topic and i will update it with all the suggestions



Added :
-Survival difficulty (from easy to HARD)
-Goldendonator+ (essentials.fly.safelogin)
-commando's repeat: /repair , /ec , /tp , /wb , /craft , /back
-/back on point of death

-chatdelay removal for Donator(like before) (reason: way to much spam (samy))

Suggested items:
-Stable economy
-Removal of tp delay on : /home , /spawn , /sethome ,
-Add /speed (Meaning work on a border /also on nether)
-Cooldown timer from 30minutes to 5 minets on /eat and /feed
-add /feed
-add /rename