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Dear DRCers,

As you know, @drdoct left the staff team that caused @Daphnechan and @hijden going with him.

They each had a reason to leave. The biggest one was because they had a different view on the server, while one of the only things they had in comment was to make DRC and it’s community GREAT AGAIN!

There are so many reasons that caused @drdoct to leave, why I do not mention @Daphnechan because this is one of the reasons she left DRC. @hijden is followed by the fact that we removed his rank, we did this because we thought that it would be like the past when one of them leaves they all follow. Ofcourse its our fault because of this action he didn’t feel he was welcome anymore.

The main reasons are especially how the DRCNetwork structure is and how it is handled. In the past we merged with MC-4Creation, which means that people who joined these servers before saw a lot of similar things and they immediately notice that it is not 100% old DRC.
There was a lot of discussions that caused we as owners to finally realized that the old drc-players wants the gameplay and the community from back in the days. We remained the gameplay, donation ranks and a staff team where the community has a DRC feeling and the structure (configurations, chat-layout, commands and security) of MC-4Creation. The main reason why we used that structure is due several reasons:

  • I am the only one in the team that has multiple years of experience in building up a server and taking different aspects that you need to count for a fully stable server that use 40% fewer resources to function.
  • We used this chat layout because we...
Effective immediately, I will be resigning from staff. When I agreed to be a part of staff it was with the intention of fixing the various problems associated with the server. I was under the idea that the owners had the best intentions for DRC. Slowly but surely, my trust has been lost in the owners. Every time one get’s involved with the server it is left in a worse condition if it is even online. I have worked with daphnechan to try and bring DRC back to being decent. Every time met with resistance from the owners. See, they don’t want a DRC, they want a 4 creation. DRC players have rejected 4 creation at every turn and yet they will not listen. And so today after witnessing yet another round of the owners coming in and running us out to ‘correct’ things (read 4 creation it) we have more problems with the economy and who knows what else. I cannot be a part of a team that is run this way. I will not be associated with this sort of lying and deception brought towards the people of drc or any other server you are purchasing with intent to steer them to 4 creation. I will not be a part of this any longer.

Edit from daphne:

As you have all seen it. Doc left,
doc and i had an chat about this for a time now and today was the draw.

I am not going in detail as doc typed as much as needed.
But as of right now i am also going to leave the server(Maby for some again),
Yes i have been owner for a few days/weeks but the way it worked didnt work for me.

Just an headsup :
Samy: I thank you for me to make this
Scorpiddd: Some chats we had were fun!
Wendy : I loved to do this with you :grinning: will miss you
Doc : I do miss you already as of this post
Hijden : You where a awesome person and i will miss you
Clock : You have worked hard for your spot , you are an great mod.

And ofcourse everyone else : I am happy to know you all , i will miss you :grinning: