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Survival is back online. Feel free to give it a try. There were some accounts who have an issue with corruption which means their /homes are gone. I can verify this because I am one of those who are corrupted.

1. If you are corrupted and need a lift to your claims feel free to contact us when we're online. We can easily transport you around your claims to get homes. But if you have other homes on other claims, you'll have to probably wait for your friends to come on to get the new homes again. Some we may be able to figure out.

2. Remember if you are playing right now that there can still be glitches and problems that need to be addressed. Don't go and try to make a bunch of money because we're going to be setting it at 25k as soon as we can for all.

If you have any problems please post them on the survival forum. Right now of course, only Samy has server access so Daphne and I aren't able to do some things so again be patient.
After a LOOOOOOOONG downtime it appears everything will be on track to have the server back online very soon. There are a few housekeeping announcements that need to be made first:.

1. Some things were tragically lost in this server crash. Most importantly was player's money. Because of this we will be compensating everyone with a starting value of $25,000. :emoji_dollar::emoji_dollar::emoji_dollar:

2. In factions bending, you may need to choose your bending again. :emoji_ocean::emoji_cloud_tornado::emoji_deciduous_tree::emoji_boom:

3. As far as we know, all claims and homes will be as you left them. The world should be as it was pre-crash. If there are problems please let us know. :emoji_homes::emoji_homes::emoji_tent::emoji_construction:

4. Auction House items are lost as far as we can determine. :emoji_x::emoji_x::emoji_heavy_dollar_sign::emoji_x::emoji_x:

5. Everything may be unstable while Samy get's the server fine tuned to handle the loads. We upgraded hard drive space and many other things and the original settings were lost so he has to see how the server reacts first. :emoji_back::emoji_back::emoji_soon::emoji_soon:

Please just be patient.:emoji_clock12::emoji_clock1230::emoji_clock1::emoji_clock130::emoji_clock2::emoji_clock230::emoji_clock3::emoji_clock330::emoji_clock4::emoji_clock430::emoji_clock5::emoji_alarm_clock:

Once the server is up and running, there will be some changes coming. Hopefully the 2nd one after this post will be the announcement of the changes. Next post will be the server is open announcement.
Dear members of DRC,

We posted last week an update about the server.

As of today we do not have any update about when it will be open .

As samy is the only one who is working on it and we do not get any information (Even the admins do not get the information)

When we have more information we will update everyone as this takes to long,

p.s We will give you guys something in return for the downtime.

[Update 1]

Heey guys, today the deticated is going to be finished, i dont know how long it will take to upload, just a update to keep you posted

[Update 2]
Right now we got into some troubles , the problem right now we made a wrong decision.
It will be delayed but we work our asses of to get you guys back :heart: , Updates will be made :grinning:


Admin team