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Top Messages

  1. Daphnechan: @aboody I hate to inform you this. But @scorpiddd did something that destroyed the economy. He will reply shortly with an answer
  2. Dracindo: I'm streaming DRC right now at https://www.twitch.tv/dracindo
  3. GigantDude: Hello
  4. drdoct: @aboody , see the inactivity announcement. Autopilot has been engaged until February sometime.
  5. drdoct: :heart: Aboody :heart:
  6. SrAlego: posted a new thread in Request help: i want my /d back.
  7. drdoct: So does that mean the server is down now or is it in the future?
  8. Ecobreaker: Thanks for leaving ur opinion, what are they supposed to do with it?
  9. drdoct: Seashell, you're comparing a server that had been going for many years to a server that has just started and had a few bumps
  10. wsad123321: Is survival on
  11. pimboboy: Why is it that i cant connect when im platying in the evening at 12 :30 AM
  12. samyratchet: replied to thread Rank Recovery.
  13. drdoct: posted a new thread in Announcements: My resignation.
  14. samyratchet: replied to thread Survival rank recovery.
  15. Dracindo: Skyblock is open
  16. Daphnechan: never was