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0.3.2 Out of the ashes...

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by ClockWound, Jan 5, 2019.


Are you willing to let the server grow by playing on it and having fun?

  1. Yes! I do want to see the server grow again.

    20 vote(s)
  2. No, after everything that has happened I honestly don't.

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  1. ClockWound

    Staff Member Mod Forum Guard

    Jan 20, 2014
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    Hello DRC players,

    In this anouncement/update we want to discuss a few things with you, the community.
    There are a few different topics we want to talk about. At the end of reading this post you know how we want to place this "DRC-train" onto another rails, starting today.

    First Anouncement:

    2018. This was the year DRC was reborn. New owners, two sets of different staff teams, and over all, alot of chaos. We're not blind, and we know 2018 wasn't the best/most fun time te be a DRC member. Everything was unstable and unpredictable, and the server suffered because of this. Lately, I (@ClockWound) was in a call with @samyratchet and he called 2018 the "dark period" of DRC. But this is hopefully about to change.

    2019, a fresh year. We hope to make 2019 an amazing year, atleast on the server. How? Because, from now on, we (the staff team) are not the main people who are gonna think about improvements on the server. No, we hope you, the DRC community are gonna fill in this position. This way, improvements are more "down to earth" and we hope to give the DRC server changes the community actually want. We're gonna start this off using this thread as idea pool. Every single serious idea posted down here is gonna be seriously discussed. Every single comment is gonna get a reply, with an official YES or NO.

    We gave DRC a chance to reborn, we hope you will give DRC a change to evolve, and become better and better. How do you do this? By playing on the server. Have fun, invite friends, start projects. The more enjoyment, the merrier.

    Second Anouncement:

    @scorpiddd will no longer carry the title "owner". Instead, @scorpiddd will be the first CEO of DRC. This means he will be doing the behind the scene action. He is the guy who will run the server economicly. You will not see him online often, but he is active in his own way.

    Third Anouncement:

    Lastly, a few words from @samyratchet. He wanted to say a few things to the community. So here it is.

    Hello DRC,

    This is just a little thank you.
    In the time I have been owner
    of DRC I've met alot of people.
    Almost all of them were really
    kind. I've ran multiple servers, but
    honestly, I've never seen a
    server like this. The community
    on this server is not comparable
    to anything I've ever seen on
    another server before. I just
    wanna say thank you for sticking

    to DRC, even in difficult times.

    Thats all :grinning:


    In conclution, what is gonna change as of today?
    -Community will become the main imput of ideas and innovations.
    - @scorpiddd no longer "Owner".
    -The way DRC has been run is gonna change (hopefully) for the better.

    Any questions? Feel free to ask them down below. Also, don't forget to share your ideas in the comments. Every serious idea will be talked about in upcomming staff calls. If you have been sitting on an innovation or idea for DRC for a while, or just want something changed, this is your chance. Small or large, all and any ideas are welcome.

    We're not gonna tell you all the changes, and promise all kinds of things for 2019. We're honestly kinda sick of promising. Instead of promising were gonna show you everything in the upcoming months. Stay tuned for a wild ride of updates and new features.

    ~The Staff team
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  2. Ruthger

    Ruthger Nether Inhabitant

    Dec 25, 2013
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    Kom folau, oso na gyon op.
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  3. samyratchet

    samyratchet Owner
    Staff Member Owner

    Nov 11, 2012
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    A Snapshot V10 on DRC :heart: what do you think everyone?, Let me know :blush:


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