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After two and a half weeks in the making, it's FINALLY time!

Discussion in 'Minecraft buildings and pixel art' started by ClockWound, Sep 30, 2018.

  1. ClockWound

    ClockWound Ex-Staff

    Jan 20, 2014
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    After two and a half weeks of designing, building and collecting it's finally finished. Clock's ol' Bookshop is the newest and latest shop edition in the survival world and boy o' boy is it a big one. Clock's ol' Bookshop sells all, and by all I really mean all sorts of different enchanted books. From bow enchantments to armor enchantments, this shop has it all! How about the prices? How about the big building that took so long to design and make? For answers to all those questions and more, please keep reading!

    I'm gonna build this post up in 7 different sections, for your reading comfort. This is just one of the many great services you can expect in Clock's ol' Bookshop. So keep reading along and see yourself getting exited for this big new opening and edition to the survival server!

    1. All book sections
    2. Book prices
    3. Mending

    4. Reservations
    5. The building
    6. Remaining information


    Clock's ol' Bookshop is split up in different sections for all the different enchanted books it has to offer. This is done, so you can easily track a book within the shop down that you are looking for. Right now the shop has 6, yes, count them, 6 different book sections.

    1. Sword enchantments - For all your slice and dice enchantments.
    2. Bow enchantments - To give yourself a big advantage on the long range battlefield.
    3. Armor enchantments - Keep yourself protected and strong with these bad boys.
    4. Tools enchantments - To keep your picks, axes and shovels happy.
    5. Remaining enchantments - To give every book not fitting in the sections above a home.
    6. Special offers - Special extra strong, one time offers, for a relatively
    small price.

    In the shop there are signs all over the place to guide you through the messy and full library. This, so you can get the books you want easily and without asking. Where are these signs? How do I get there? Those questions will be answered under section 5, the building.


    Right now there are a few books in the admin shop. We're talking about Efficiency V (1000$), Silk Touch (1000$), Unbreaking III (450$), Fortune III (750$), Luck of the Sea III (450$) & Lure III (450$). With pleasue I can 100% garantuee that these books in Clock's ol' Bookshop will be (sometimes ALOT) cheaper then the admin shop.

    I'm not gonna list the prices in this post. This for the reason being that I want you to be a bit curious about the shop and the prices. This, so you TP(A) to me in-game to check it out, hopefully take a few books with you on your way through exploring the library and all the books.


    The mending book is just one of the many books Clock's ol' Bookshop has to offer. But mending is a little bit special. Right now @ikbenruthger and Clock's ol' Bookshop have a duopoly when were talking about mending books. Were the only one on the survival server with a mending villager (too our knowledge) right now.

    We could easilly sell the books for a stupid high price, or start a price war with eachother. But @Ikbenrutherg and Clock's ol' Bookshop want everyone to enjoy this awesome encantment for a relatively small price of 450$ per book. So it doesn't really matter if you buy them by @ikbenruthger or this shop. The prices will remain the same (but ofcourse you're gonna buy them by Clock's ol' Bookshop because those books are just way more awesome).


    I'm going to keep this section of the post really short. If you want to have a book, but you don't have the money yet, ClockWound isn't currently online or there is some other reason, you can reservate the book. You reservate a book by mailing the book you want to ClockWound, the maker and owner of this big shop. You mail ClockWound by using the command: /mail ClockWound <Book> <Extra message if needed>. This is the only way to reservate a book for yourself.


    The story building / library that Clock's ol' Bookshop currently uses is one of the biggest if not the biggest shop on the server right now. A few people have seen the shop ClockWound designed and build in two weeks and a day, and so far everyone seems to find it really pritty and nicely designed. Ofcourse ClockWound didn't take more then two weeks to design a semi-decent shop. He went all out and put all 25.000$ he got from the start in this project. But in his opinion, it's all worth it, because the shop looks really cool.

    The way to navigate through the library is really easy. There is one big pile of books in the middle of the main floor. On this big piles are differt signs to tell you were to go to get the book you need. Currently, the shop has 2 floors. On the main floor you can find sword, bow & armor enchantments and on the 1st floor you can find tools, remaining enchantments and special offers.

    I'm not gonna show the shop in this post for the same reason given in the section book prices. (The reason being that I want you to be a bit curious about the shop and the prices. This, so you TP(A) to me ingame to check it out, hopefully take a few books with you on your way through exploring the library and all the books). All I can promise is that the shop looks well made and that there is alot of passion put in the building and making of it.


    A bit of remaining information so I can give you a good view and idea of the shop in its current state.
    Storage - This shop is brand new. Right now the shop has (almost) all books in store. This took alot of exp. grinding, but is really good news. The problem is that Clock's ol' Bookshop has only one copy of some books. The 1st to reservate/buy is the 1st to buy the only current copy. Ofcourse there will be more books with time passing, but for now some books only have one copy. So be quick with your reservation/visit to the shop, if you really need that one special book!
    Sign Shop - DRC used to have a really awesome shop mechanic called the sign shop. Currently this feature isnt (yet) implemented (to my knowledge) in the survival server. This means the shop will not be open if ClockWound (owner and builder of Clock's ol' Bookshop) isn't online. The moment the sign shop mechanic returns to DRC is the moment Clock's ol' Bookshop will use it.
    More enchantments on one book - Clock's ol' Bookshop gets its books by enchanting books and fishing. Sometimes there are more then one enchantment on a book. This is the reason that Clock's ol' Bookshop can sell you (for example) a Sharpness V book with also Efficiency III on it. This book will be sold as a Sharpness V book. Ofcourse you will only pay for the Sharpness V enchantment. If you put the Sharpness V book on your sword, the Efficiency III enchantment will vanish. So it's nothing to worry about, just a little side note.
    Fun Facts - There are Fun Fact signs put all around the library with little facts about the build and details of Clock's ol' Bookshop. Can you find all 6?
    Balcony - Clock's ol' Bookshop is also in posession of a really big and unique balcony. On this balcony you can lay your eyes on a beautifull landscape of spruce woods and a never ending plain biome. There is no place better to enjoy a beautifull sunset or take a little break then by Clock's ol' Bookshop.

    I hope you are exited and enthusiastic about this grand new shop addition to the survival server. I also hope to see you really soon exploring the library in search of that one special enchantment. Clock's ol' Bookshop has officially opened by the time this post is put online.

    The shop, the post, the name and all remaining aspects are created and used by Clock's ol' Bookshop. Creator is ClockWound. Please do not use a similar way so decieve people.

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  2. aboody

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    Jun 6, 2016
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    Not bad... I used to have a shop like this back in 2016
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