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Head Rules

Discussion in 'Rules' started by samyratchet, May 13, 2018.

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  1. samyratchet


    Nov 11, 2012
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    Dear DRC'ers,

    as everyone knows we have certain rules to ensure calm, fun and safety on the network!

    The head rules applied across all servers of DRCNetwork.

    Stick to the rules or you will risk to be banned on the network!

    • Rule [R1]: Hacks against DRCNetwork, hackclients and other similar hacks are not allowed!
    • Rule [R2]: Only english on 'local' and 'global' chat (Not english? use 'language' chat). Also spamming, caps, harassment and swear words are not allowed!
    • Rule [R3]: Multi-accounts are not allowed.
    • Rule [R4]: Respect everybody!
    • Rule [R5]: Advertising is not allowed! This includes harmful links, files itc.
    • Rule [R6]: Do not ask for stuff, commands, donation related items or DRC-Credits/Gold.
    • Rule [R7]: Do not help others with your rank permissions.
    • Rule [R8]: Don't post someone's personal information without his permissions.
    • Rule [R9]: AFK machines or other similar methodes are forbidden. (this is because you remove the element of playing the game (example AFK fishing).
    • Rule [R10]: It is forbidden to sell DRC-Credits/Gold, ranks & ingame items for real money.
    • TOS: We have this to guarantee the protection of our users and the 4Creation services from the dangers on the internet. View it right here: terms_of_service

    The rules have a code name example: [R1] [R22] ...

    It's become easier way for the staffteam to designate which rule you have broken by giving the code name of the rule, which gives to you a duty to go to the website and read the rules again!

    Other Rules: There are also rules that apply only to a specific server. find the list of server rules right here: server_rules
    Important: If you don't find the specific server on the list, means that there are no different rules (except the head rules).

    Note: The rules are for everyone, there is no discussion possible!
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