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Server status + Eggwars

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Daphnechan, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Daphnechan

    Daphnechan Ex-Staff

    Feb 10, 2013
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    Dear DRC-Players,

    Today we are going to have a chat about the following:
    1. New owner? what happened to the old once
    2. where is EggWars?
    3. what is next in the planning?

    New owner? what happened to the old once
    As some of you already know is that I (Daphne) have been promoted to Owner,
    the reason is as following :
    The old owners (Samy + Scorpiddd) are inactive and wanted to leave for a while. But fear not they are still on drc (from time to time) but this time they have the tag CEO.

    What does this mean for DRC?
    This doesnt change the fact that drc will be updated, as i already did most of the things,
    Any questions about drc feel free to ask me.

    Where is eggwars?
    As the title says Eggwars, Well here it comes:
    Later this day we are going to release Eggwars, (This can be a bit buggy from time to time , but it worked fine when we did a test run)

    How to start :
    - go to the lobby
    - click on the enderpearl (Minigames)
    - Click on the Egg (EggWars)
    - When you are in the lobby type /EW join

    (Take in note this is an newer version of the EggWars we had, somethings will be different and so on)

    What is next in the planning?
    Most players have already seen we are working around the clock to get all the old servers of DRC online,
    In an earlier post we showed the list of all servers and there priority,
    The following servers are next on the list:
    - KitPvp (this is close to be done needs a few tweaks and so on)
    - Skywars (This is an server you guys wanted)

    Builder team
    We are opening the BuilderTeam Applications, Just go to Staff --> staff applications and there you can apply (take in mind its the same as for support but we will change it at some point)
    Wendy doc and i will look at everyone and we will post an update here,

    Staff team changes
    - Ybieee ( Has not been promoted to Moderator , Good Luck next time)
    - jeffreyvanderendt A.K.A Mrduck ( Has not been promoted to Moderator , Good luck on applying for the next time)
    - HijdenDRC has been Promoted to Moderator Congrats to him
    To see the whole team look here : https://drcnetwork.com/english/threads/staff-list.16284/
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  2. MeMatty

    MeMatty Nether Explorer

    Feb 21, 2014
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    Unfortunate for @jeffreyvanderendt . I really wish you would have gotten promoted.
    Congrats to Ybieee and Hijden tho!
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