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Skyblock commands

Discussion in 'Skyblock' started by SARIIIIIII, Dec 1, 2018.



    Nov 25, 2018
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    Dear players of DRC,

    There is a chance that you are new to skyblock and you want to know which commands exist and what they do. So here is a list of all commands. If there is anything else, feel free to contact me.

    You can also review the commands with /is help (ingame)
    Or view the tutorial on skyblock with /warp tutorial (ingame)



    /is - is the base command for all things in skyblock. With this command, you can teleport to your Island from spawn or other places.

    /is controlpanel or cp - This will open the your Island controlpanel you can find here some commands.

    • Grass Block - Will teleport you to your Island
    • Lava Bucket - Will open the shop or teleport you to the shop.
    • Skeleton Head - Will show you all your Island members.
    • Bed - Will do the same as /is sethome
    • Acacia Stair - Will show you your current Island level.
    • Book - Will show the top 10 richest islands. Calculate by Island levels.
    • Sign - Will open a gui where you can see all Island warps.
    • Bedrock – Will teleport you tot he spawn.
    • Sapling - Will change your Island biome.
    • Enchant Table - All skyblock challenges, you can upgrade these by completing them and recieve rewards.

    /is reset - Will restart your Island if you`re having trouble or just want a fresh start. This command can only be done 5 times, so be careful!

    /is sethome - Will set your current location as spawnpoint if you type the command /is or /is go

    /is level - With this command can you view your current Island level, or see another player Island level when you use the command /is level (Playername). You can get a better Island level by expanding your Island and getting richer resources.

    /is top - You can view the top 10 islands those are the richest and probaly biggest islands on the server.


    /is value - Shows the value that will be added to your island when you place this block.

    /is warps - You will see all open and visted able islands. You can also use the npc at spawn for this command.


    /is warp - You can warp to someone his Island if they have opend there Island.

    /is team - List of all your current islands members.

    /is invite
    - With this command you can invite any of your friends to play together. Limit of 4 players

    /is leave
    - Leave your team and start maby solo or join a different island.

    /is kick - With this command can you remove an player from your Island if they are causing any trouble.

    /is accept(or) reject - Accept or reject an Island invite.

    /is makeleader - Give someelse full access to your Island. ( Be careful with as they can do all islands commands if you make them leader).

    /is teamchat - With this command you can choose whether you want to talk globally or just with your team from your island.


    /is biomes - You can choose from 9 diffrent biomes you can use there is a Cold beach, Desert, Forest, Jungle, Plains, Swampland, Mesa, Savanna and black forest biomes.


    /is expel - Have a unwanted guest? Or someone that is trolling you remove them from your Island with this command.

    /is coop - This will give the player full acess to your Island they can break and place blocks.
    *We do not give any items back when you got scammed/raided by someone that you gave access to your islands its totaly on your own risk!*

    /is uncoop - This will remove building access from the player you gave it.

    /is listcoops - A list of player that you gave building access to your Island

    /is settings - This will show the diffrent settings for visitors that come to your Island.


    /challenges - With this you can solve assignments to get money and exp.

    /is lang - Choose the language you want to play on skyblock. You can choose between 19 languages.
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    I personally don't see the point of this topic. Most players know the use of /is otherwise they go to /warp tutorial and they know it there.
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