Terms of Service

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When using our servers, you agree that we collect data to protect our servers and to make our services run as efficiently as possible.
Minecraft is copyright to Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this network, website or its shop packages.
Data collected by our servers, websites such as (ip addresses, player data) are only used for safety reasons and to make plugins run as efficiently as possible. These aren't published at any point and be permanently deleted once the player shows six months of inactivity.

Sensitive information like passwords are safely encrypted and stored, so nobody can see them and they can't be misused.
Our websites do not use third-party advertising to cover costs, our websites are paid with money received from the shop or cost to the owners. This to make our websites work as efficient as possible for our members.
4Creation Is not responsible for payment problems and the payments are not refundable in any case. Even with a ban, there is no refund possible!

If there is a payment problem from our side contact us about this problem: Contact us
By using our servers and website, you agree that our duty in violation of the rules to terminate you the access to it. By hacking we have the right to terminate you the access to all other services of 4Creation.

Check also our rules: Rules
Please do not share your personal data to ensure your security.
In violation of the terms_of_service is 4Creation not responsible for the consequences.
DutchRastaCraft is merged to the new name 'DRCNetwork'. DutchRastaCraft is still copyright to DRCNetwork.
DRCNetwork is part of 4Creation. All rights are reserved to 4Creation.

Terms_of_Service Updated: 14/03/2018

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