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Discussion in 'Forum rules' started by Reynout123, May 14, 2017.

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  1. Reynout123 Noot Owner Staff Member Server Owner

    Oct 26, 2012
    WARNING! Not following these rules may end up in a ban on the forum!

    Art 1:

    Do not react to topics meant for Staff.
    This is certainly the case for Unban Appeals and complain topics.

    Art 2:
    Do not post any useless or annoying posts.

    Art 3:
    Do not spam. This can become a permanent ban over time.

    Art 4:
    Respect everyone. Do not get into any fight.

    Art 5:
    Do not curse or swear.

    Art 6:
    Do not advertise other servers by using names or IP's.

    Art 7:
    Do not overuse capital letters in your posts/reactions/threads.

    Art 8:
    If you need help with something, only post 1 topic. Posting multiple topics with the same text is not needed and won't help you.

    Art 9:
    Do not post any links that might harm other players or any links which can earn points or any other personal benifit.

    Art 10:

    When making a topic we only accept English as language. You can however use any language when typing in the shoutbox or in your profile posts.

    Art 11:
    All sexual remarks are forbidden!

    Art 12:
    Try to stay ontopic at all time. Messages which are offtopic will be deleted.​
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.