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Discussion in 'Complaints' started by Sgt_DeathReaper, Dec 28, 2015.

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  1. Sgt_DeathReaper Redstone Miner DRC Veteran

    Apr 30, 2013
    Name person: ADEdge_NL
    What has the person done: saying a player is sick in his head
    When [time and date]: 22.05

    i know i make jokes my self but this isnt a joke so.
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  2. ADEdge Lapis Lazuli Miner DRC Veteran

    May 9, 2013
    I say nothing. Someone else may judge about it >.<
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2015
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  3. Nobody4life Best ex-admin ever Staff Member Best ex-admin ever

    Oct 17, 2012
    Well first of all. Is it really worth reporting something that little? Really want to waste my time. Fine.

    Don't you think you might even be the last person to report for that. You had a countless amount of bans and even more.
    We also don't know the background about what ADEdge_NL reacted to, and even if we knew it, could we care for something that little?

    If you find "jij bent ziek in je hoofd" offending, well I'm sorry to say but than the problem is not with him.
    Even if we see it as offending, on what scale? A 1/10 maybe.

    I think, I even know, Arda ain't retarded and knows of himself what he can and can not do. So I trust in it he won't do anything stupid in the chat (to you guys at least). And even if he did, he would know it himself.

    So conclusion, nothing wrong here, maybe a butthurt player without a little (maybe 0.1%) of humor and a lot of my time waisted. Thx for that...
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 28, 2015
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.