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Discussion in 'Protection' started by JelleDRC, Dec 25, 2013.

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  1. JelleDRC DRC Founder Staff Member DRC Founder

    Sep 23, 2012

    This page has been made to give you some more information about our protection plugin.

    First and foremost, if you prefer learning with a video you can click HERE, if not, read this topic.

    What is a 'Claim'?
    A claim is a part of the world that you can claim for yourself.
    In that claim no one will be able to build, break blocks, open chests, kill animals etc. unless you give them permission to.

    How can you claim an area?
    To claim an area you'll need a wooden shovel.
    You'll also need to have claim blocks. You receive 100 claimblocks an hour when you are online and if you're new, you start with 300 claimblocks. Claimblocks are basically the amount of blocks you can own.

    1)Click with a wooden shovel in your hand with your right mouse button on the block where your claim has to start. (In the top right corner or in the top left corner of the area you want)
    2)Klik dan met je wooden shovel in je hand met de rechter muisknop op het stuk waar je claim moet eindigen. (In de rechteronderhoek of linkeronderhoek van het stuk land dat je wilt)
    2)Then click with your wooden shovel in your hand on the block where your claim has to end. (For example if you've chosen the top right corner at step one you now click the bottom left corner. If you've chosen the top left corner you now click the bottong right corner of your area.)

    Now there will appear gold blocks and glowstone blocks at the corners of your protected area.

    If you now click with your right mouse button with a stick in your hand on your area, the blocks will appear and/or disappear.

    How to extend your claim?
    To extend your claim you'll again need a wooden shovel and enough claimblocks.
    1)Click with a stick on your area and you'll now see gold blocks and glowstone blocks.
    2)Now click with your wooden shovel with your right mouse button on one of the glowstone blocks.
    3)Now click on the block where you want your claim to end and where the glowstone block has to appear.

    You'll now see that the glowstone blocks and the golden blocks have moved.

    Some commands:
    /AbandonClaim: Delete the claim where you are standing on. (Only works on your claim(s))
    /Trust <playername>: Give someone permission to build on your claim.
    /UnTrust <playername>: Delete the permission of a player to build on your claim.
    /AccessTrust <playername>: Give someone permission to use your buttons, levers and your bed.
    /ContainerTrust <playername>: Give someone permisson to use your buttons, levers, your bed, your crafting table, your chests and to hurt your animals.
    /TrustList: Check the players that you have trusted in the claim you're standing on.
    /Untrust All: Delete all the trusted players of the claim you are standing on.
    /AbandonAllClaims: Delete ALL your claims.
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