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Discussion in 'Server rules' started by JelleDRC, Dec 30, 2013.

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  1. JelleDRC Server Owner Staff Member Server Owner

    Sep 23, 2012
    Stick to the rules or you will risk to be banned on the server.

    Rule 1: Do not grieve.
    This means that you are not allowed to destroy other people’s work. You are also not allowed to grieve or claim buildings that have not been claimed. This also includes digging out a desert or a mesa in a non beautiful way.

    Rule 2: Do not steal /scam from other players.
    This rule means that you are not allowed to steal stuff or money from other players. This also includes scamming. Use a chest-shop to trade safely.

    Rule 3: Do not ask for stuff, ranks or creative, fly or OP.
    Don’t ask for stuff from (staff-)members. This includes ranks, permissions, animals etc.

    Rule 4: Respect everybody.
    You have to respect everybody the way they are. Don’t annoy people or start fights for little things.

    Rule 5: Do not curse or swear.
    The staff decides whether a word is a swear word. This includes swearing in your own language. This also means things that are racist.

    Rule 6: Do not advertise for other servers.
    If you advertise for other servers with names or IP’s you will be banned forever.

    Rule 7: Do not use hacked clients, x-ray mods or x-ray texture packs.
    Every mod that would give you an advantage is forbidden.

    Rule 8: Do not help others with your donator permissions.
    You have donated and as a thank you, you may have received permissions. These permissions are personal permission and may not be used to help out others. You are also not allowed to make money with them. (e.g. sell enchanted stuff).

    Rule 9: Multi-accounts are not allowed.
    Rejoining the server with another account while banned, will resolve in a tempIPban.

    Rule 10: We do not reimburse money or stuff.
    If, for whatever reason, you have lost money or stuff, you will not get this reimbursed by us. Also if this because of a server reset, mistake or bug.

    Rule 11: AFK machines are forbidden.
    Building something that avoids you being kicked from the server or being idle for a too long time is forbidden.
    Placing items on your mouse, keyboard etc while you are not-actively playing the game will be seen as anti-afk too

    Rule 12: Do not make death-traps.
    Killing people in survival by any means is forbidden. Do not TPA/TP people to places that are dangerous with the purpose to harvest their stuff.

    Rule 13: It is forbidden to sell DRC dollars, ranks & ingame items IRL.
    You are not allowed to sell your virtual money, ranks or stuff for real money. The only exception is that the money is invested in buying claim blocks or ranks in the DRC shop (http://shop.drc.ms). You have to tell the staff that you are doing this.

    Rule 14: Make sure a region post is freely accessible.
    This also does contain the fact that you can’t build a shop within a radius of 50 blocks of a region post. It is not allowed to build walls around a region post or to claim the region post. This also counts for the region below the post.

    Rule 15: Do not make XP farms to earn money with them.
    You are not allow to make money with XP farms by making payment systems. You can only hire an XP farm to one person at a time.

    Rule 16: Changed mob spawners are for personal use.
    may only be changed into: Skeleton, Spider or Zombie, and only in the standard world (not in nether etc.). This is only for DRC-VIP or higher. The changed spawner can only be used by you or another VIP or higher.

    Rule 17: Any glitch or bug should be reported to the staff directly.
    Not only misuse of the bugs or glitches, but also the knowledge of their presence will be punished. This also contains duplicators and making too much money with too high/low shop prices.

    Rule 18:Drop-parties and giveaways higher than a reasonable amount are not allowed.
    A reasonable amount are small things. Not 5 beacons and 200.000 dollars for example.

    Rule 19:10 skyblock-animals of each species.
    This means, no more than 10 sheep, 10 pigs, 10 cows etc. This does not apply for survival.

    Rule 20:Skyblock Alliances are not allowed.
    This means, you are free to trade with other islands, however you can't use multiple islands to boost the 'main' island. Doing so will result in the main island to be removed

    Rule 21: 5 survival-animals for each species.
    This means no more than 5 sheep, 5 pigs, 5 cows et. This does not apply for Skyblock.

    Rule 22: Don't avoid pvp in any form.
    This means you can't avoid any pvp zone in any form. This by abusing commands. Just play it nice.
    This does not include flying over using the elytra

    IMPORTANT: Whether you are donator, moderator, admin or member, you have to obey the rules as described above. If you break any rule, this may lead to a ban or even IPban.

    There will be no discussion about the interpretation of these rules and how they are applied or changed.
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