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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by DOMINIC511_HSK, Jun 24, 2014.

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  1. DOMINIC511_HSK Stone Miner DRC Player

    Apr 9, 2014
    Deze suggesties zijn niet allemaal van mij , sommige ook van het internet

    Nuclear Survival

    Basically, a group of players have a certain amount of time to get from where they're currently placed, to a safe area from the upcoming nuclear explosion. The nuke will be placed in random places on the map so no one will know where it could be. They can ether 1) Try and outrun it and head to the nearest island (or large building). 2) Dig underground as far as possible until they think they're safe enough. Or 3) Try and locate and disarm the bomb itself.

    After the explosion happens, the surviving players that didn't get caught in the explosion will have five minutes to craft a protective suit (to shield them from the radiation) and head to a marked area where certain supplies are placed. Said supplies contain, a sword(or gun, whichever), X amount of meat/fruit, and whatever else you could decide.

    The remaining players will have X amount of time to ether outlast the remaining time on the clock or kill the surviving players by ether killing them directly or sabotaging their protection from radiation.

    This is just a random idea that came into my mind. Tell me what you guys think!

    Predator Survival
    Ten players would be spread out over a map with one "Predator". This player would have two weapons. A "railgun" (a bow with a straight shot for 100 blocks with 20 shots) and a hunting knife (diamond sword with sharpness 2) as well as 5 poison splash potions. He would have slowness 1, night vision, and resistance 1 always. His armor would be feather falling iron boots, an iron chestplate, iron leggings, and an iron helmet. This player would battle against the ten members of "The Resistance". These would be players armed with a bow with punch 1 and infinity and an iron sword with knockback 1. They would start out with full leather and would find other armors in chests around the map. The nametags of the resistance would be hidden from the Predator and vice versa. The game would end when all of the members of the resistance are killed, the Predator is killed, or 15 minutes passes (nobody would win). The resistance would start at random locations <100 blocks away from the Predator spawn. The time limit would enforce confrontation. Reply back or skype me at henrylewispm.

    Gladiator Arena
    an arena for PvP
    Bets can be placed and there is already a prize for the gladiators for example
    I Battle Yue
    I win
    DRC put an enchanted diamond sword as prize i receice
    Bit Person A bet 50 dollars on me and person B bet 50 dollars on Yue
    Person A wins at a rate of 1.5 so gets 75 dollars and Yue loses his money, the rest of the money goes to The winning gladiator

    A Gladiator arena
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.