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Discussion in 'Complaints' started by timo12, Jun 23, 2015.

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  1. timo12 Iron Miner DRC Veteran

    May 27, 2014
    2015-06-23_01.53.20.png -[*]Ingame naam (van de beschuldigde): ThefunkyJezus
    -[*]Welke server was het: kitpvp
    -[*]Reden van klacht?: Schelden meerdere malen
    -[*]Datum en tijd: 23-6-2015
    -[*]Bewijs: Schreenshots
    Commentaar: Hier zie je dat deze titan meneer me meerder malen uit scheld.
  2. TheFunkyJesus Newbie DRC Player

    Apr 4, 2015
    My In game name is not TheFunkyJezus it is TheFunkyJesus.

    He called me an hacker after saying that I thought I was good when I wasn't so I challenged him to a duel, He accepted but lost twice in a row horrifically and called me an hacker or some taggorbot or something like that wich I had no idea what was and declined ofcourse.

    then he pulled out some none sense sentence like hey you yes mouse there and I didn't understand so I told him so and he ofcourse told me that he was from Netherlands wich was no excuse tho.

    Then he told me he'd get me banned report me on forums I said go ahead and this is the results.
    I was in a shock on the lack of intellegence so I said this wich is ofcourse no lie I also told him to pay attention in school if you'd like to add that in.

    This kid is obviously stupid and should not complain over being called stupid if he is.

    fat people are fat
    stupid people are stupid
    smart people are smart

    they are it all for a reason fat people are fat because they don't take care of their bodies, stupid people are stupid because they don't learn anything in school or pay attention to things, smart people are smart because they learn and pay attention.

    this kid is just a crybaby
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  3. DemiFTW Iron Miner DRC Veteran

    Apr 11, 2013
    Ik heb van beide de chatlogs bekeken van gisteren. Ik zeg niet dat TheFunkyJesus niet fout zat door jou zo te noemen, maar ik kan
    je wel vertellen dat het zeker van beide kanten kwam en dat je hem ook aan het uitdagen was. Ik zal hem in-game waarschuwen, en er op letten.

    Het heeft trouwens ook niet veel zin om mensen te reporten als je dit soort dingen in de chat zegt: [​IMG]

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