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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Dracindo, Sep 25, 2015.

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  1. Dracindo Forum Lizard Staff Member Forum Moderator

    May 18, 2013
    Here’s some explanation on this part of the forum that you can use to buy and sell stuff from and to other players.

    How do I sell something?

    To start, tell us what you offer and maybe take a screenshot, as proof that you have it.
    Now you can choose. Are you going to auction it or immediatly sell it?

    Begin with a start price. Keep this low or even start at 0$. If it’s attractive, then people will offer more quickly. Then add a date at which the auction will end and the highest offer wins.
    However, when auctioning you sell something and you might not get as much as you hoped. If that’s the case, you must sell it anyway. Unless if the winner pulls back as well.

    Immediatly sell
    Paste a price on the item and the first one who replies may have it. Of course, if more poeple reply, they might offer you more. In the end, you may choose who to sell your goods to. No final date needed.

    If the deal is sealed, then arrange with each other when you’ll be online for the trade. You can do this by replying on the topic, in a conversation, teamspeak (ts.drc.ms), etc…

    How do I buy something?

    Auction: place a bid higher than the current highest offer.
    Immediatly buy: Just say you want to buy it. If needed, offer more money (or goods) to make sure the trader wants to sell his stuff to you.

    What if the other guy scammed me?

    Create a report topic against that person and give a link tot he topic where the trade went on as proof. The staffteam will look into it and punish that person.

    Trading is at own risk. We don’t refund any money or stuff.
    Scamming is allowed on factions AS LONG as there are no other servers (like survival, skyblock, kitpvp, …) involved.
    (i.e. 10K survival money for 20K faction money)

    Additional rules:

    1: Don’t hate someone’s topic when his offer looks like a scam.
    If you’re not interested, then you shouldn’t say anything.
    You may explain the trader why his offer seems unreasonable and see if he lowers his price.
    2: Don’t troll on auctions, by raising with 0.01$ for example.
    3: If you don’t like the highest offer at an auction, don’t simply call it off.
    If you think you won’t get a good price from an auction, then post it for immediate sale.

    Not following the rules may result in a temporary ban from the forum.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.