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Discussion in 'Updates and announcements' started by robinwiel, Mar 11, 2016.

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  1. robinwiel Diamond Miner DRC Veteran

    Jun 14, 2013
    UHC #1 Results

    Congratulations @KleineTom, you dealt the killing blows.

    1st place
    2nd place
    kill list (In order of who got killed first, to the players killed last)
    • AlbanianxEagle (Creeper)
    • Ascension_ (Enderman)
    • GetJinxed (Enderman)
    • Luna_Elena (Fall damage)
    • thegoosebumpers (by ArnePunk)
    • Reynout123 (Creeper)
    • Doeneraffe (Flames)
    • ArnePunk (by robinwiel)
    • robinwiel (by Schimmelbrot)
    • DemiFTW (by Schimmelbrot)
    • NSSDutch (Fall damage)
    • Bramboy3 (Fall damage)
    • Schimmelbrot (World Border)
    • Dosuchii (Fall damage)
    • jeempje (Skeleton)
    • dylantje13 (by NLoWnZzZz)
    • PsychoJeff (by NLoWnZzZz)
    • Dracindo_ (Fall damage)
    • snoekieX (by dj_douwe_14)
    • NLoWnZzZz (by Crowninq)
    • MrMoustaches (Fall damage)
    • dj_douwe_14 (by Leeuwtjees)
    • OnePirat3 (by Leeuwtjees)
    • Collecty123 (by Leeuwtjees)
    • LaurensTKPP (by Leeuwtjees)
    • MeMatty (by Leeuwtjees)
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.